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Short Sleeve Silk Dupioni Family Christening Gown

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About this Short Sleeve Silk Dupioni Family Christening Gown

If you are looking for a gown to bring into your family and be passed down for generations to come, then look no further. One reason this is the perfect heirloom gown-to-be is because it can be used for a little boy or a little girl. The short sleeves will make it comfy for the baby to wear and suitable for any season.

It's made of Silk Dupioni (slightly off-white), measures 34 in length and comes with adorable matching hats. One cute little feminine bonnet style and one handsome little masculine cap style.

**Please note that all natural silk fabrics have slubs which are an inherent part of the fibers and add to the individuality of the set. These should not be mistaken for flaws in the fabric.

  • Hand made from 100% Silk
  • Shipped with an elegant padded hanger and zippered vinyl bag
  • Heirloom preservation bag recommended for long term storage
  • Dry clean only

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