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Christening Headband to Wedding Garter

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About this Christening Headband to Wedding Garter

This is a Christening Headband to Wedding Garter. The perfect gift for the finishing touch to a Christening gown. When the baby gets tired of wearing the hat you can use this headband. The headband may then become a wedding garter in years to come. This item is packaged in a clear envelope with a sentimental poem explaining the concept printed in gold lettering on high gloss card stock.

  • The Christening Headband to Wedding Garter is made of stretchy lace, satin ribbon and faux pearl beads.
  • The item is presented with a lovely poem printed on cardstock and accented with gold foil.
  • The dimensions of the cardstock poem is are 8½" H x 5½" W.
  • The headband measures is 1¼" W.

The Poem reads:

A headband for this baby girl worn with her Christening dress, Will hold a sacred memory of the day that she was blessed.

When the months have turned to years filled with tears and joy. Your baby girl, then all grown up will find that special boy.

That something old and something new that every bride must carry "This headband, now her garter" On the day that she should marry.

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4.86Rated 4.86 from 100 reviews
5 09/14/2023 - Verified Customer

Love it

5 07/13/2022 - Verified Customer

We loved the idea to use this again someday on her wedding day. Worked great. Beautiful addition to her baptism outfit.

4 10/07/2021 - Verified Customer
5 02/13/2021 - Verified Customer

The headband was very beautiful and will make a nice garter some day. I liked the poem that went with it. I would highly recommend this product. Also, it arrived before I expected it to.

5 08/18/2020 - Verified Customer

I bought this as a gift for my granddaughter's baptism and as an heirloom to keep for her wedding one day down the road. My daughter was very touched by the gift for her daughter, and my granddaughter looked so adorable in the beautiful headband on her baptismal day. The quality of the headband was beautiful and I couldn't be more happy with the purchase.

5 05/12/2020 - Verified Customer

It was a beautiful gift.

5 07/22/2019 - Verified Customer
5 09/21/2018 - Verified Customer

A beautiful and sentimental gift to cherish as part of the wedding and a future baptism. Quick shipping too!

5 05/31/2018 - Verified Customer

Very nice. I bought it for my granddaughters baptism!

5 04/18/2018 - Verified Customer
5 08/12/2017 - Verified Customer

This made a very nice gift. The parents thought it was really sweet. It was nice because it was something a little different then the usual baptismal gifts.

5 07/14/2017 - Verified Customer
5 05/14/2017 - Verified Customer

A perfect gift.

5 05/12/2017 - Verified Customer
5 05/06/2017 - Verified Customer

Arrived on time, in great condition. Turned it to be the only item that fit our little ones head!!

5 02/01/2017 - Verified Customer
5 12/20/2016 - Verified Customer

Love this item. Brought tears to my sister's and niece's eyes

5 09/23/2016 - Verified Customer

Thank you for delivering so quickly! My grand daughter was so precious in her gown with this headband. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

4 09/09/2016 - Verified Customer
5 07/01/2016 - Verified Customer

Very cute. My granddaughter wore it for her baptism. Adorable!

5 06/25/2016 - Verified Customer

This is gorgeous and baby will be wearing this tomorrow. Order arrived just as promised. Thank you!!!

5 06/01/2016 - Verified Customer
5 05/26/2016 - Verified Customer
5 05/16/2016 - Verified Customer
5 05/06/2016 - Verified Customer

Great christening gift

5 04/28/2016 - Verified Customer

My grandduaghter wore this headband at her Baptism. It is very pretty headband with lace and tiny pearls. The saying on the card is very touching. My son and daughter-in-law were pleased with the gift, and will definitely tuck it away to use on her wedding day. I am happy that I purchased this.

5 04/24/2016 - Verified Customer

I purchased the christening headband for my grandaughter's dedication on May 22. I was thrilled with the merchandise. I received. I will proudly send you a photo with her wearing it on her special day. Keep up the high quality merchantdise.

4 04/13/2016 - Verified Customer

Card and headband were great, I just wish it would come in better package as to be able to present to parents of baby being baptized. Great shipping time!

5 03/18/2016 - Verified Customer

Arrived sooner than expected , and looked so pretty on my granddaughter.

5 02/20/2016 - Verified Customer
5 12/22/2015 - Verified Customer

I bought this as a baptism gift for my grand niece. I love it because it's different and can be used again at her wedding. It is beautiful!

5 10/30/2015 - Verified Customer

Exactly as I expected!

5 09/29/2015 - Verified Customer

This was a very appreciated gift. Everyone thought it was a great, unique gift.

5 08/27/2015 - Verified Customer

It was beautiful!! I have recommended this purchase to several others

5 07/21/2015 - Verified Customer

Great Customer Service!!!!! I loved that you asked the date of the event. Than you handled and made sure it was here in plenty of time.

5 05/26/2015 - Verified Customer

This hair band was perfect! Everyone thought the sentiment was wonderful!

5 05/12/2015 - Verified Customer
5 04/09/2015 - Verified Customer
5 03/23/2015 - Verified Customer
5 12/26/2014 - Verified Customer
5 10/18/2014 - Verified Customer

Loved it

3 08/06/2014 - Verified Customer
5 06/24/2014 - Verified Customer
5 02/22/2014 - Verified Customer
5 02/06/2014 - Verified Customer

Our granddaughter can wear this on her baptism day and then on her wedding day. The younger crowd seems to like this very much.

5 02/06/2014 - Verified Customer

excellent service

5 11/05/2013 - Verified Customer
5 08/12/2013 - Verified Customer

Such a cute idea! I loved it! My daughter looked so cute in it!

5 05/28/2013 - Verified Customer
5 05/24/2013 - Verified Customer
5 05/15/2013 - Verified Customer

My nephew and his wife were thrilled with the headband! Baby Allison wore it for her baptism and it is now tucked away for her wedding!

5 04/18/2013 - Verified Customer
4 04/10/2013 - Verified Customer
5 02/26/2013 - Verified Customer

The product was beautiful and in came within a few days, in plenty of time for my granddaughter's baptism!

5 02/24/2013 - Verified Customer

The headband was more beautiful than what the picture shows. My daughter loved it. Thank you so much.

5 01/29/2013 - Verified Customer

It was beautiful, the perfect addition to my daughter's Christening dress!! I also received it so quick, I ordered the headband at the last minute and it arrived only a few days later! I am so grateful, we love it!! Thank you so much.

5 01/27/2013 - Verified Customer

very nice with fast shipping!

5 12/26/2012 - Verified Customer

How cute this is. It looked adorable on my granddaughter. Her other grandmother bought her the Christening dress, but the headband stole the show. Everyone was also very moved by the poem.

5 12/12/2012 - Verified Customer

Completely satisfied!

5 11/21/2012 - Verified Customer

I was shocked to see the package got to my destination before I did.

5 11/15/2012 - Verified Customer

I have never seen this before and I knew it would be perfect for my first granddaughter's Baptism. When I gave it to my son and daughter-in-law we all started to cry. It meant a great deal to them. You have a wonderful website and I look forward to shop with you again.

5 11/13/2012 - Verified Customer
5 10/02/2012 - Verified Customer

This product is absolutely beautiful and of good quality. We purchased this for our granddaughter for her baptism. To make the gift more special I put a note on the back of the cardboard of her baptism date and signed it so she would know who it was from. If you are looking for a special gift this is the one that will serve as two gifts in one for two special days in a girls life. Highly recommend.

5 09/13/2012 - Verified Customer
4 08/23/2012 - Verified Customer

I didn' realize that it did not come in a box, so I will be sure to find one that will accommodate the size etc. Thank you.

4 08/07/2012 - Verified Customer

This was for my grandaughter and my daughter loved it. It will be a keepsake for her future.

5 06/06/2012 - Verified Customer

It's exactly what I wanted. It looked great on my new God daughter. And her parents really loved the concept of using it again for her wedding.

5 06/05/2012 - Verified Customer
5 06/05/2012 - Verified Customer

Absolutely loved them and so did everyone else.

5 05/29/2012 - Verified Customer
5 05/18/2012 - Verified Customer

It was everything I expected and more Thanks

4 05/01/2012 - Verified Customer

Thank you for the fast service!

5 04/25/2012 - Verified Customer

I was extremely happy with my purchase. And it arrived in a timely fashion.. My sister cried, it was so beautiful.

3 04/05/2012 - Verified Customer
4 02/28/2012 - Verified Customer
5 02/28/2012 - Verified Customer

Thank you so much for the fast service. Our granddaughter wore the headband for her Baptism on February 19th. She looked beautiful. Thank you again. I was very pleased. Mary Ellen Providenti

5 02/21/2012 - Verified Customer
5 02/06/2012 - Verified Customer

It was a very unique gift and eveyone loved it. We had all seen the bonnet you can save and wear on your wedding day, but not the headband that becomes the garter. More babies are wearing the headbands, so mom really liked it.

5 11/30/2011 - Verified Customer
4 10/27/2011 - Verified Customer
5 09/26/2011 - Verified Customer
5 08/07/2011 - Verified Customer
5 08/04/2011 - Verified Customer
5 06/21/2011 - Verified Customer

Precious. Her Mother LOVED it. She will be wearing it for her Christening!

5 04/27/2011 - Verified Customer

A wonderful thing for this baby to cherish. Thank you!

5 04/19/2011 - Verified Customer
5 04/14/2011 - Verified Customer

It was lovely...I am so happy to have had this to give to my granddaughter. Hopefully I will be there to dance at her wedding, but if not...she will have the headband/garter and the lovely note card to let her know that I was thinking of her wedding on her first BIG day in the church.

5 03/24/2011 - Verified Customer
5 03/22/2011 - Verified Customer
5 03/17/2011 - Verified Customer

It was at my home in just a couple of days and it is beautiful....thank you~

5 03/16/2011 - Verified Customer

My product was exactly what I wanted and it arrived very quickly!

5 10/04/2010 - Verified Customer
5 09/07/2010 - Verified Customer
5 07/19/2010 - Verified Customer

The headband arrived fine. Thanks

5 04/07/2010 - Verified Customer

I thought the poem was really touching that came with the garter, and the idea behind it being used at the baptism and later as a wedding garter is such a sentimental idea for both blessed sacraments.

5 04/05/2010 - Verified Customer

Thanks for all your help. Grandaughter looked precious and her mother loved the whole idea of baptism to wedding sentiment.

5 03/23/2010 - Verified Customer

My son and daughter-in-law loved the headband and it looked beautiful on my granddaughter for her baptism!

5 02/16/2010 - Verified Customer

Looks great and didn't seem to bother my granddaughter. Also soft, but I am wondering if 25 years from now when she gets married if the elastic will still be good for the garter usage?? Sometimes with age elastic lets go she wouldn't be able to use it. So check with me then. Great idea, just hope it works.

4 12/19/2009 - Verified Customer
5 11/30/2009 - Verified Customer

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