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Holy Water Bottle, St. Francis

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3.25"H x 1.75"W x 0.75"D



Holy Water Bottle, St. Francis

This St. Francis Holy Water Bottle is made of glass and features a two tone gold and silver metal medallion that depicts St. Francis. It's the perfect size to carry with you and be used as a daily reminder of your faith. A symbolic item that can be treasured for years to come!

  • The holy water bottle is made of glass. 
  • This holy water bottle is rectangular in shape and measures 3.25"H x 1.75"W x 0.75"D.
  • The medallion is oval in shape and measures 1 1/2"H x 1"W.
  • The medallion features a silver tone image of St. Francis with a gold tone outline.
  • The holy water bottle holds 1 ounce of water (water not included).
  • The holy water bottle is made in Italy.

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