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Prayer For Whose Lives I Touch Laminated Prayer Cards 25 Pack




4 1/2" x 2 1/2"



About this Prayer For Whose Lives I Touch Laminated Prayer Cards 25 Pack

The front of the card has an image of Christ the Shepherd and on the back a prayer asking to be forgiven for not only personal sins but for the sins of others which you may have been a part of.

  • Prayer cards sold in packs of 25 per order.
  • Cards are laminated for durability.
  • Designed with a gold accent border.
  • Made and designed in Italy from Fratelli Bonella Artwork.
  • Measures 2.5"' X 4.5"

Prayer for Those Whose Lives I Touched

Beloved Shepherd of Souls! As I
tread into the sunset of my life, I
grow anxious for the spiritual wel-
fare of souls who came to know me.
It grieves me to think of the offenses
they may have committed because
of words and / or deeds of mine. I
have in mind those who were my
close responsibility as well as those
whom I sponsored in Baptism and
whose spiritual condition is no
longer known to me.

In Thy Merciful Goodness I now
plead with Thee to pardon the souls
who because of me may have lost
favor with Thee. Humbly I implore
when they leave this world may they
find glorious entry in the Kingdom
of Heaven!

On behalf of those who may need
to atone for offenses I may have
caused them to commit, I offer Thee
any infirmities or sufferings I am to
undergo during the remaining years
of my life. Dear Shepherd of Souls,
grant them Eternal Life with Thee!


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