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Wound In The Shoulder Laminated Prayer Cards 25 Pack




4 1/2" x 2 1/2"



About this Wound In The Shoulder Laminated Prayer Cards 25 Pack

The image of Christ carrying His cross is on the front and on the back a prayer to the pain he suffered and the sacrifices He made for us.

  • Prayer cards sold in packs of 25 per order.
  • Cards are laminated for durability.
  • Designed with a gold accent border.
  • Made and designed in Italy from Fratelli Bonella Artwork.
  • Measures 2.5"' X 4.5"

Prayer To The Wound In The Shoulder

O most loving Jesus, meek Lamb of
God, I, am a miserable sinner, salute and
worship the most sacred Wound of Thy
Shoulder on which Thou didst bear Thy
heavy cross, which so tore Thy flesh
and laid bare Thy bones as to inflict
on Thee an anguish greater than any
other wound of Thy most blessed body.
I adore Thee, O Jesus most sorrowful;
I praise and glorify Thee, and give
Thee thanks for this most sacred and
painful Wound, beseeching Thee by
that exceeding pain, and by the crushing
burden of Thy heavy cross, to be
merciful to me, a sinner, to forgive me
all my mortal and venial sins, and to
lead me on toward heaven along the
Way of The Cross. Amen.

It is related in the annals of Clairouz
that St. Bernard asked our Lord which
was His greatest unrecorded suffering,
and our Lord answered; "I had on My
shoulder, while I bore My cross on the
Way of Sorrows, a grievous wound,
Which was more painful than the others,
And which is not recorded by men.
Honor this would with thy devotion,
and I will grant thee whatever though
dost ask through its virtue and merit.
And in regard to all those who shall
Venerate this wound, I will remit to
Them all their venial sins, and will no
Longer remember their mortal sins."

Thomas D Beaven
Bishop of Springfield

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5 12/08/2020 - Verified Customer

For believers, cards are a must read prayer in this turbulent world. For the non-believers, detach yourself from this world for a moment to consider saving your soul for the next world, therefore also a prayer for you.

5 03/30/2018 - Verified Customer
5 03/16/2016 - Verified Customer

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