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Product quality reflects the price point.

F.T. — Kansas City, MO

It's very small I expected it to be larger at least 8 inches I may have misread size when I ordered but it is beautiful and well made worth the money

P.M. — Clearwater, FL


P.T. — Willits, CA

Good for the price

P.H. — Cape Coral, FL

Was much smaller than expected

J.L. — Marietta, PA

Its OK.

K.M. — Horace, ND

A very small and light weight miraculous medal, nice but probably most suitable for a child. My husband gave this to our daughter and ordered a larger one for himself.

K.A. — Knoxville, TN

The giraffes were detached from the top piece. I had to glue them on. Not sure it was packaged well enough. Quality was okay, not sure it was worth what I paid.

J.L. — Tipton, IN

The prayer on the cross was smudged.

B.R. — San Diego, CA

A little bit of indentations from left of her head and shoulder ....more like it was touch while the cement still soft , the surface has a deep spot , other than what i described the shipment is excellent well pack.

R.C. — Woodland, CA

Cute but WAY smaller than I thought it would be, so not going to be able to give as a gift as intended.

R.G. — Cedar Rapids, IA

Not as clear a figure as Inthought.

R.Z. — Woodstown, NJ

The pendant was great but the chain was way too short, almost fit like a choker

A.C. — Stephenville, TX

Very small, for a women or child, light chain

T.D. — Rochester, NH


L.O. — Bordentown, NJ


E.G. — Kew Gardens, NY

I ordered my cross on Monday, paid for 2 day delivery, and receive d it on Friday. I was happy I received it in time. The cross is Beautiful. H

B.F. — Lapeer, MI

It does not have the hook to hang on the wall

it does not have the hook in back to hang on the wall

L.R. — New York, NY

Poor construction.

M.C. — Springfield, MA

Very thin but ok for the shoes

B.D. — Houston, TX

it is lovely but the blue could be more of a royal blue for a boy, it does more turquoise.

M.G. — Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

The catch was very hard to operate. It was a little smaller than I expected for the price. However my grandson did get complements at his communion .

J.D. — New Hope, PA

Somewhat weak and one of the links broke only after a few days, looks nice but not very durable

A.D. — Vaudreuil, Canada

I purchased this pin for my wife to wear in remembrance of our daughter who died recently. The pin looks beautiful, but the back does not clasp on the pin correctly. The pin would have easily fallen off and been lost or damaged. I found an earring back that fit more securely and she has had no problems so far.

S.L. — Goshen, IN

The ring is beautiful it's just what I have been looking for the rosary is nice but much smaller than I expected but I will more then likely purchase more items in the future thank you for the great service

B.B. — Bismarck, ND

I thought the little prayer book attahed would have included some prayers

M.E. — Santa Fe, NM

The white actually covered most of the word, "Air" on the medal. It also took quite a long time to ship.

W.P. — Starksboro, VT

It was smaller than I thought it would be. May have been my mistake. Maybe it said the size??

M.S. — Littleton, CO

I like them instantly when I first received them. Unfortunately, the clip would not hold on the visor and it actually bent backward and but it didn't break; it is like putty now. So I would describe it as a clip but not a visor clip. The clip metal is too malleable to hold onto well to the visor of my suv.

E.R. — Norcross, GA

Pretty rosary but I expected more for the price.

C.K. — Woodstock, IL

The back of the lantern is open and the light doesn't stay lit for very long even when charged all day. It was difficult to find the light bulb when I first opened the package.

C.K. — Lubbock, TX

This is a very nice card, I ordered the RCIA card and was a little disappointed that it did not reflect all the sacraments of initiation. The writing on the inside is hard to read in the catalog

D.M. — Perry, UT

The only reason I gave this an average instead of and excellent is becasue you sent me the wrong size. I ordered a L and you sent me an XL. I don't have time to send it back so we are just going to have to make it work.

J.L. — Billerica, MA

Color a little too dark, some trapped bubbles underneath the surface.

Colors a little too dark

T.J. — Brentwood, CA

The hole need to hang the wall plaque do not seem to be level across the back, but it is nice. I would of been happier if it had been made in the USA.

E.R. — Flint, TX

rather plain

The bottom of the suncatcher, the golden part is faded. But overall I still like it . Thank u

F.L. — Singapore, Singapore

The chain was just a bit to short for comfort! So now it hangs around the Our Lady statue, and is still beutiful, but I wished I could use it!

L.T. — Oslo, Norway

the quality of this looks better on the website than in person

A.G. — Minerva, OH

My twins' Baptism is coming up and I ordered this suit in size 3-6 months for my son. I was so excited when it arrived---who doesn't LOVE a 5-piece suit on a little kid. Unfortunately, the fit was really hit and miss. The jacket was big enough for a toddler and the pants had to be hemmed about 4 inches. However, the shirt and vest barely fit---with the collar too tight for a baby neck so we can't button the top button, which means we can't use the tie. I loved the suit and I really wanted it to work, but now my son will just be wearing the shirt (no tie), the vest, and the hemmed pants. I'm hoping he can wear the jacket for another event since it would have to be majorly altered in order for it to fit a baby. I would recommend this item for older kids only.

S.L. — Daphne, AL

The inner gold does not stand out too much. Was expecting the inner color to be brighter.

Slightly smaller than expected. I didnt take note of the measurements.

P.P. — Delgany, Ireland


P.D. — Covington, LA

Didn't realize how thin this was and the detail isn't as clear as I hoped.

J.F. — Woodbridge, VA

The cross had fallen off the print, but I was able to take apart the backing and reglue the cross.

C.O. — Ledgewood, NJ

I was thrilled with the cross until my sister-in-law noticed it was slightly bent. Other than that it is very cute for my new nephew's nursery.

S.S. — New Rochelle, NY

I was very happy with how quickly you were able to get it to me. It was a birthday present and I had it monogrammed, but I still received it within 4 days I believe. My son loved it. Thank you.

M.R. — Yorktown Hts, NY

I am a collector of rosaries, and I also say my rosary! I have always admired the Ghirelli line, and especially love the Ave Maria centerpiece and the tiny Miraculous Medal attached to the crucifix of which this one does not have unfortunately, and of which I thought was part of Ghirelli's signature. This rosary is very unique with the silver and gold, and when one sees it is is breathtaking. However, as one person commented on the bracelet similar to this, I can understand why she stated it looked "cheap". That is a harsh word for a rosary, but to me, it looks as if each of the alternating "silver" and "gold" Miraculous Medal oval beads, appear as if someone had "spray-painted" them. I do not know how else to describe it. This rosary is very delicate, and I do not know if it would hold up to daily use, as the chain that makes upf the entire rosary is extremely thin, and as i said delicate. I would be happier with a more authentic looking "gold and sliver" and a much more secure chain that links the rosary together. The flattened, oval beads have Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal on one side and the symobols for Christ and the Blessed Mother on the other, just like a Miraculous Medal Pendant. They feel good within the hand when saying the rosary, and are extremely light. The only negative thing I have to say, is that I think link-loc rosaries or a sturdier chain that holds the entire rosary would be better condusive for long-term daily use. I again wish that the tiny Miraculous Medal was attached to the Crucifix as well. I cannot remember what I paid for this rosary on sale, but it seems to be made of less hardy materials, as I have the same Rosary by Ghirelli with the blue epoxy over the front of the tiny Miraculous Medal beads. And the chain is much sturdier. I have purchased Rosaries from Missions, for around $20 to $25 dollars, and they have felt more sturdier than this rosary by Ghirelli. I do not know if I got a "bad batch" or if Quality Assurance did not check this rosary out before going out for sale. If used very carefully, this delicate Rosary is beautiful like all Rosaries, just not sturdy enough in my humble opinion. Additionally the Crucifix or centerpiece does not say made in Italy like most rosaries.

P.O. — Meriden, CT

I was disappointed in the size. I did not think it would be so small. I take responsibility for not understanding the measurements.

G.A. — Frederick, MD

much smaller than I thought this would be

M.A. — Albrightsvlle, PA

Not that impressive. I dislike the fact that the corners are rounded. Also, it's a tad too thin for my taste. As far as keychains go it's a really nice one though.

J.J. — Strömsund, Sweden

The necklace is very large, but I'm a guy, and this was probably made for women. The cord is kind of itchy, but I do like the color and design of the crucifix.

S.L. — Oceanside, CA

I was really hoping to find an angel that could be put on a keyring...I have seen them but was unable to find out their source. This was ok..

S.T. — Potomac, MD

I don't like the quality of the frame. I thought it was wood but it's plastic. It's still pretty though.

M.C. — Wilkes Barre, PA

The little book is ok. we are giving it away to the people who want it or need it.

The face of the clip is nice, but it doesn't stay clipped to my visor very well. There is no tension on the clip itself; it bends out to accommodate the depth of the visor, but doesn't have the strength to stay attached all the time. A big bump in the road caused it to pop off.

M.W. — Audubon, PA


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