5 Family Fun Mary Activities

There are many ways you and your family can honor Mary throughout the month of May. While we’re not obligated by the Church to formally participate in a May crowning, the month of May is the perfect time to keep the Mother of God more present in our hearts. Enjoy the slideshow with some great suggestions for honoring Mary that even your kids won’t groan about taking part in!

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1 “Sweet” Mary

Mary Cookies-002A “sweet” way to honor our Heavenly Queen is to bake and decorate cookies. Your kids can decorate them as you explain the importance of Mary. You can also make letter “M” cookies or spell out “MARY” with the help of letter cookie cutters.

These beautiful cookies were baked and decorated by The Sweetest Tiers.

2 Plant a Mary Flower Garden

marysgarden3Flowers are routinely placed in front of a statue of Mary during the month of May. Consider creating a small Mary garden in your yard. Clear a small area and place a statue of Mary; plant flowers around the statue and add a bench (if you have room) where you can sit and pray. Get your kids involved, they’ll love getting their hands dirty.

3 Crown Mary At Home

mary5On May 1 each year, churches and Catholic schools have a “May crowning” ceremony where special prayers are recited and a crown of flowers are placed on the head of a Mary statue. Think about having your own May crowning each year at your home.

4 Mary’s Spot in Your Home

Mary Shrine-054Set up a small indoor area dedicated to Mary to remind your children about their Blessed Mother. Place a picture or prayer card with the image of the Mother of God in their bedrooms. Remind your children to think of Mary every time they see her image and to say a prayer.

5 Blessed Mary Snow Globe

Snow Globe-031There’s something captivating about staring at a shaken snow globe. Make a homemade Blessed Mary snow globe with your kids as a creative way to remember Her. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You will need a few things to get started:

  • an empty jar and matching lid
  • a small plastic figurine of the Virgin Mary
  • waterproof super glue
  • glycerin and glitter
  • water

Super glue the figurine on the inside of the lid and let it dry completely. Fill the jar almost completely with cool water and add a few drops of glycerin and as much glitter as you like. Squeeze a thin line of super glue onto the lid’s inner edge, and tightly screw it onto the jar. Allow to dry before turning over and shaking. Glue some flowers and ribbon for a decorative touch.

How will your family be remembering Blessed Mother of God this May? Share your ideas in the comments.

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