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Statues Catholic Indoor and Garden

Catholic statues are here and they are beautiful!  From pocket statues to indoor statues, outdoor statues and church size statues, Catholic Faith Store carries an amazingly wide selection of sizes and subjects to choose from! The statues you’ll find here will inspire, comfort and support everyone on their spiritual journey. We have Mary & Our Lady Statues, Patron Saint Statues, Jesus Statues, Angel Statues, Last Supper Statue, Pedestals, Pieta Statues and more. 

Statues of Mary remind us that we have a Heavenly Mother looking out for us. Jesus statues and crucifixes call us to unite our lives to Him! Statues of the patron saints remind us that holiness is possible. And Angel statues remind us that we have help close at hand.

Whether you are considering buying a statue for your home or garden or a statue for your church, these beautiful sculptures will help create a place for meditation and prayer. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the world by meditating on one of these lovingly sculpted faces!

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