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Pieta Statues

Sorrowful Mother & Son
He Died for Our Sins

How her heart was pained as she held her Son Our Savior.


Pieta Statue

Commemorate the profound sorrow and enduring love depicted in a beautiful Catholic Pietà statue. These sculptures capture the poignant moment of Mary cradling the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion, offering a powerful reminder of her unwavering faith and the depth of her maternal love.

Imagine the reverence you'll feel gazing upon a detailed Pietà statue, the sorrow etched on Mary's face balanced by the gentle tenderness in her embrace. Perhaps a more traditional Pietà, crafted from white marble, evokes a timeless sense of serenity. Our collection offers a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect statue for a home altar, prayer corner, or any space that could benefit from a constant reminder of faith in the face of suffering.

Catholic Pietà statues transcend mere artwork. They become focal points for prayerful reflection, inviting you to contemplate the sacrifices made and the enduring love that transcends even death. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect Pietà statue to grace your home and inspire a deeper understanding of Christ's passion and Mary's unwavering devotion.

The pieta statue or sculpture is known the world over for its beauty and the reminder of Christ’s death and the pain endured by His mother Mary.

The Sorrowful Mother holds the body of our Lord. There is dignity in her pose. Based on Michelangelo’s world famous sculpture, the statues of Mary holding Jesus here are exquisite works of art. Proclaim your faith to the world by placing one of these beautiful pieces of artwork in your home or garden!


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