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Boy's St. Christopher Soccer Medal 24 Inch Chain Prayer Card

Gift Wrap Available



1" x 3/4"



About this Boy's St. Christopher Soccer Medal 24 Inch Chain Prayer Card

A great pendant for the soccer lover! This set includes a medal with soccer player kicking a soccer ball. Around the raised border the words SAINT CHRISTOPHER PROTECT ME.

  • Made in USA of Pewter which is non tarnishing.
  • Back of the medal has a small image of St. Christopher.
  • The medallion comes on a 24" nickle chain with lobster clasp.
  • The medal measures 1" h x 3/4" w..

The prayer card shows an image with two feet, that of a boy standing on a ball, and that of a man (Jesus) guiding the boys path of kick.  At the bottom of the card the text reads "Know that I am with you always". Matthew 28:20 

Prayer reads:
Always With You
Dear God Our Father,
help me to wisely use the gifts and
talents that You have so graciously
bestowed upon me.
Create in me Dear Lord:
The right attitude with which to
excel in any endeavor.
A firm belief in You, Our Savior, that
through You I can do great thing.
A strong desire to never quit, no
matter what the odds.
A Willingness to give 100% of myself
to You and to others at all times.
Dear Lord, bestow in me a
true understanding that, with
You beside me, there is no end
to what I can achieve.

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