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Our Lady of the Rosary Statue, Hand Painted - 11 inch

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11" x 4"



Our Lady of the Rosary Statue, Hand Painted - 11 inch

This hand painted Our Lady of the Rosary statue couldn't be more beautiful! The detail in the facial expressions are stunning and the soft blue and white coloring is calming and peaceful. If you seek her spiritual presence, please invite her into your life today! Our Lady of the Rosary is a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary in relation to the Rosary. This title came about from the story of when St. Dominic received a vision of the Blessed Virgin, who gave him the Rosary as a tool against heretics. Many Catholics are devout to Our Lady of the Rosary and thus, praying the rosary as well. 

The dimensions are 11"H x 4"W x 2"D. The approximate weight of the item is 3 lbs.

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5    04/15/2017  Luz from Santa Ana, CA - Verified Customer

Exquisite statue of Our Blessed Mother Mary. She is in a special place in our home.


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