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Prayer for a Little Boy 8x10 Gold Trim Plaque

SKU: HFA0601



8" x 10"



About this Prayer for a Little Boy 8x10 Gold Trim Plaque

This is a framed print of A Prayer for a Little Boy. It comes in a 1/4 inch wide gold frame with crystal clear lamination. This print is ready for wall hanging.

Available in 8x10 only.

Prayer for a Little Boy
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep.
Thy Angels guard me through the night
And keep me safe til morning light.

Make me a boy who is brave at heart
willing and strong to do my part.
Please help me to be good each day,
and always honest in my play.
Lord, while I live I want to be from
quick and angry passion free,
With gentle thoughts and happy face,
and pleasant words in every place.
I pray whatever wrongs I’ve done
You will forgive them, every one.
Be near me when I wake again,
And bless all those I love. Amen.

  • Frame Size: 8"x10"
  • Frame: Bright Gold Finished Trimmed Plaque
  • Material: Print is Mounted on MDF Wood board
  • Packaging: Comes Shrink Wrapped
  • Backing: Comes with Wall Hanging Option
  • Assembled in: Artwork Printed in Italy
  • Origin: Made in the USA
  • SHIPPING: Can take up to 2 weeks
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