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Baby Crib Medals

In Catholic homes, Catholic parents will often hang a delicate baby crib medal near to where the child sleeps as a sign of protection to keep the baby safe from harm. It is a good idea to have the crib medals blessed by a Catholic priest. Crib medal styles vary from round to cross shaped and often include an image of a guardian angel. Crib medals are suitable gifts for both baby boys and baby girls and make wonderful new born gifts, baptismal gifts and birthday gifts. Some of our crib medals can be personalized and add that extra special uniqueness to the gift!

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White Ribbon Guardian Angel Crib Medal in Pewter [BLCRB011]
4.89 (9)
Kneeling Girl on Baby Cross [CR4074]
4.44 (9)
Kneeling Boy on Baby Cross [CR4073]
5.00 (3)
White Ribbon Guardian Angel Crib Medal in Brass [BLCRB012]
5.00 (1)

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