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Personalized Baptism Ceramic Block Piggy Bank in Blue

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4" x 4"


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About this Personalized Baptism Ceramic Block Piggy Bank in Blue

What a fabulous gift for a baby boy on his baptism day - a personalized ceramic block and piggy bank!  We love the combination of the baby lamb imagery, the practical nature of the piggy bank, and the fact that the block becomes totally unique once the details of the baptism day have been entered in.   Each side of the block has an adorable image of a baby lamb as a symbolic reference to all of us being part of His protected flock.  The sides are designed to be personalized with the baby's name, the date and location of the christening, the parent's names and the names of the godparents. 

  • The box measures 4"H x 4"L x 4"W.
  • Made out of Ceramic.
  • Each side of the box has a unique image and saying.
  • The box comes with a black permanent marker to personalize the baptism details.
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Read Eight Personalized Baptism Ceramic Block Piggy Bank in Blue Reviews

4.88Rated 4.88 from 8 reviews
5 06/25/2017 - Verified Customer

beautiful grahics and color, with nice religious theme

5 05/19/2017 - Verified Customer
5 04/27/2017 - Verified Customer

It was very nice to commemorate such a special occasion

4 08/16/2016 - Verified Customer
5 07/07/2016 - Verified Customer
5 11/24/2015 - Verified Customer
5 09/24/2015 - Verified Customer

A very sweet and cute piggy bank for a baptism. Arrived very quickly after ordering

5 08/15/2015 - Verified Customer

Great item. Customer service was awesome !!!