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You did a good job in getting the St. Joseph to me. I closely followed the instructions as well as talked with another person who has used St. Joseph to sell property, yet after two weeks, no one has even made an inquiry about my house being for sale.

K.C. — Seymour, TN

he has not sold my house yet

J.W. — Duncan, SC

This was intended to be a gift but it appears used. Scratches on back of cross and box looked old.

J.S. — Knoxville, TN

Overall quality is not that good, given the price.

R.F. — Tiny, Canada

Way too big to take to church

G.I. — Bedford, VA

I just spoke to the person who received it and she can’t get the clasp open, very disappointed.

N.T. — Greensburg, PA

Thought the fabric was ugly. Liked the cross on the zipper

C.P. — Ludington, MI

Although the crucifix is delicate like I wanted, it is flat. I was hoping for a little more dimension.

L.S. — Davisburg, MI

This is listed as 'Dark Amethyst', but looks more brown, and was not nearly as pictured.

J.K. — Warwick, RI

Customer service was great. Store personnel helpful and friendly. Pendant and chain beautiful light gold but etched details of Christ and Our Lady not as visible as I was hoping for.

C.S. — Bakersfield, CA

I was really excited to receive this as it’s a gift for my Godson’s 1st Communion. Everything looked beautiful, but then the small plague came off above the cross. This is very disappointing!

H.M. — Kyle, TX

The image in the front is a piece of paper that is not the right size for opening. The words are cut off by the wooden design. This is just a regular album With a printed image that doesn’t fit.

M.G. — Little Neck, NY

Very small, very expensive for such a small item

K.S. — Yuba City, CA

Too small and delicate. More for a child than an adult.

C.S. — Brooklyn, NY

There was no inscription on the back side. It looks and feels "clunky" and thick. I would much prefer sterling silver with a less thick and heavy feel. Can someone create a sterling silver keychain that has a more beautiful feel? Thank you. Anne Sabatini

A.S. — New York, NY

Smaller than expected. Difficult to tell they were doves.

C.D. — Virginia Beach, VA

Poorly cut design honestly looked like the jeweler had a shaky hand while doing the details

K.H. — Grey, Australia

enamel spilled out at bottom left corner into the coin area. Had to give "as is" - christening was the following day upon receipt.

J.A. — Lithia, FL

I bought it for my husband to wear and it isn't one to put around his neck. That was a disappointment. The rosary itself is beautiful.

L.R. — South Ogden, UT

For the cost, the medal was smaller than I expected and the chain broke on the second day.

M.F. — Tiffin, OH

The medal lacked definition in the center where the chalice is located. It is not how it looks on the Internet. I could hardly tell it was a chalice. Also, when I presented it to my grandson, the chain was horribly tangled and knotted. It took me a good hour to untangle. Both problems added to my disappointment.

D.B. — Horseheads, NY

Beautiful and naturally scented, but the beads are strung together so tightly it's very stiff. The circle too small for any adult hand to grasp with four fingers .

H.L. — Saint Louis, MO

The base pictured DOES NOT come with the statue and there is no way to order it that I could find.

W.W. — Rockport, TX

I was very surprised and a little disappointed in the actual size of these earrings. The posts seem to be rather short once they are in the ears making it hard to put the backing on.

S.G. — Fillmore, CA

The corpus was fine but the eyes were irregular.

W.H. — Goshen, NY

The bracelet has broken with only a couple of times of wearing it. I love the look of it.

J.S. — Fort Smith, AR

I was expecting it to a bit larger than it is. It looks more like a childs than a womens size necklace. I do like it but I wish it were larger. Service was fantastic, very happy with delivery and tracking.

K.M. — E Greenbush, NY

it came broken they did not bubble wrap the box and it was very disappointing.

L.R. — New York, NY

I have to say it's not great quality.

I.C. — Dural, Australia

I received the book in plenty of time for the Dec 5 Baptism. The cover was attractive however when I read the forward I discovered two typos. I didn't have the time to proof the rest of the book and hope this is not the case throughout. I will try harder to shop locally next time rather than take a chance ordering from you online.

G.M. — Inverness, FL

not what I thought it to be . It will cost to much to send back so I will just give it away.

S.S. — Waseca, MN

Very cheaply made. The witness charm looks like it was cast from a melted tin can, contrasting sharply--and very disappointingly--with the polished silver tone beads. Why isn't this bracelet available in sterling silver? Or at least rhodium plated? Then you'd be selling something of value, representing something beyond price.

L.G. — Coppell, TX

Poor quality - too large for a boy's communion suit.

M.M. — Metuchen, NJ

The paint/coloring on the bone piece chipped or rubbed off within a week of wearing it...was very disappointed.

H.L. — Hartford, WI

Too large for a lapel pin.

It was a lot smaller than the charm that can be worn around the neck; there was no real room for engraving a name or anything else beside for the year. I would not purchase another one as an award.

D.J. — Jackson, WY

I was looking for more traditional hymns.

E.B. — Mount Vernon, NY

The dress was poorly sewn below the chest, because the length on the left side of the bottom of the skirt was shorter than the length on the right side. It's very noticeable when not dressed. I'm giving it a disappointing score rather than poor, because when dressed it's not as noticeable when holding our baby girl.

J.M. — Atwater, CA

Looked cheap. wasn't happy with it at all

M.C. — Headford, Ireland

The necklace part is extremely stiff and not wearable.

L.N. — Melbourne, FL

was broken when arrived but, a replacement was sent promtly

I.L. — Merrill, WI

The chain in the picture looks strong, it came on a fine chain. The family did not think it was appropriate for their son. They liked the medal. They were very disappointed and did not accept it.

S.R. — Warsaw, IN

Could barely see the engraving

P.H. — Appleton, WI

Beautiful but small. When placed on visor, and visor moved up/down, the clip began to slip off.

L.H. — Bluefield, VA

It was so tiny, I could barely read the writing around the charm.

T.G. — Barnegat, NJ

It was sized for a child. When I purchased via phone I explained it was for my Husband. Our 10 year old Daughter is now wearing it because it is too small for me also. I would need it to be double the size and my Husband is not a big man. I recognize it stretches However bummed it did not work

S.Z. — Whippany, NJ

I expected the medal to be more substantial for the price.

C.M. — Farmingdale, NY

The metal was nice but the chain was very flimsy. My son had it no longer than one week before the chain was broke.

R.J. — Painesville, OH

necklace chain broke the first time attempted wear...also wished it was made with real silver or sterling silver...my wife has yet to wear

B.J. — San Francisco, CA

Chain was smaller than I thought it would be.

L.W. — Gadsden, AL

It was not at the level of quality I was expecting.

T.D. — San Pedro, CA

Runs very small. I am sending them back.

J.D. — Rncho Murieta, CA

I absolutely love this statue. I wanted to buy it last year from a company and it was out of stock. I was so happy to find it this year and bought it immediately. The first day I put it out on my deck, the wind knocked it over and his finger broke off. My wife is good at gluing broken objects and hopefully he can be restored. I do love the look of this birdbath and want to keep it regardless of the broken finger. It means a lot to me.

H.F. — Westerly, RI

"Black Wood" is not real wood and is a synthetic plastic. Detail on medal and crucifix is nice.

J.M. — Millersville, MD

I was disappointed in the quality of the crucifix and also the engraving.

C.J. — The Dalles, OR

I was disappointed with this item, the cross looked very washed out, not as crisp as in the photo. Ended up giving it away.

C.C. — Bethesda, MD

did not realize the box itself was velvet; probably would have purchased something else...plus it did have a damaged corner...not real bad, however, it was damaged..

V.M. — Hoover, AL

Love the ring. Very disappointed that I paid for express delivery and it didnt arrive on time due to warehouse error. Although I was notified by Catholic Faith UPS did not leave the package and it wasnt delivered before the communion.

D.C. — Medford , NJ

Some of the beads looked dirty and though they were pretty much as pictured , I did not expect them to be so large. Thought you could have given a better descrioption.

L.L. — Middletown, NY

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