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Coast Guard Necklaces

Coast Guard Necklace


Coast Guard Medals

When it comes to having the skills and flexibility required in an emergency situation, few come close to the professionalism and training of the US Coast Guard. If you are looking for a memorable gift we think you've found something special in this Catholic Coast Guard jewelry pendants as they have the protection from the heavens as well as the Coast Guard insignia.

Choose from a guardian angel back or your preferred patron saint. Sizes for both men and women and different metals to choose from too!

You never know what a Coast Guard personnel's day is going to look like. Will it be protecting the waters from harmful forces, providing life-saving search and rescue, or investigating suspicious maritime activity? Whatever their day holds, keep them safe with the Lord's protection.

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St. Michael Coast Guard Medal [BM0750]
5.00 (2)
Cross Coast Guard Pendant [BM0233]
4.50 (2)
Guardian Angel Coast Guard Medal [EN6250]
5.00 (1)
St. Christopher Coast Guard Medal [EN6051]
5.00 (2)

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