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Catholic Police Jewelry

Saint Michael Police


Men's Saint Michael Police Shield Medal

We pray to the Patron Saint of Police, Saint Michael the Archangel that our police officers and military are spared from harm and the daily realities of gun violence, stabbings, car accidents, and terrorism.

A Saint Michael Medal is an ideal devotional for both men and women to wear, especially police officers, and any person involved in preserving security, safety, and peace. Yet even with our Catholic belief that God’s soldier, Saint Michael, protects our law enforcement personnel, the fact is that in 2017 there were over 16,000 cases of assault against the police and over 129 deaths!

Why not use a bit of divinely inspired protection? You'll find medallions in a variety of metal types and shapes including sterling silver, gold-filled and 14Kt gold options. The most popular pendants are oval and shield-shaped. Adding a double-sided guardian angel necklace is also an excellent choice.

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