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Firefighter Jewelry

Fire Fighter Necklace


Firefighter Paramedic Medals

Dangerous situations and firefighting go hand in hand, so why not provide the firemen or firewomen in your life with a little heavenly jewelry protection in the form of a Saint Florian necklace?

Firefighters are our heroes. They not only have the responsibility of putting out fires, they are the first responders in an emergency situation and act as EMT's, they take steps to prevent fire, and they investigate fires. Firefighters save lives, we need to protect theirs too!

Regardless of their role be it a hose operator, a tiller, specialized EMT, educator, investigator, inspector, administrator, they all would appreciate our appreciation and well as the protection of the angels and the saints.

St. Florian Medal [CM2104]
5.00 (12)
Men's St. Florian Medal [BM0712]
5.00 (4)
Women's St. Florian Medal [BM0713]
5.00 (2)
St. Florian Medal [BM0710]
St. Florian Medal [BM0710]
$104.49 Ships Free
5.00 (2)
St. Florian Medal [EN6070]

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