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Men's Crucifix Necklaces


If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. – Jesus Christ


Men's Crucifix Necklaces in Sterling Silver and Gold

Men’s Crucifix necklaces are worn by Catholic men who believe in the life and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Although the styling of crucifix pendant may vary from man to man the devotional significance remains the same. The crucifix includes the body or corpus of Christ. This is a powerful visible reminder that the Lord lived, died and rose again for our salvation. Catholic men do not wear a crucifix as a morbid artifact, quite the contrary, these wonderful men of faith wear their crucifix necklaces to remind themselves and the world how much JESUS LOVE US!

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St. Benedict Crucifix Pendant [BC0058]
4.89 (54)
Baroque Style Men's Crucifix Necklace [HMM3295]
IHS Tip Men's Crucifix Necklace [HMM3286]
Risen Sun Crucifix [CM2016]
4.92 (13)
Traditional Crucifix Pendant Sterling Silver [RECRX1027]
4.43 (7)
Cross of Saint Andrew Pendant [CM2156]
4.90 (10)
Order of St. Bruno Cross [HM0848]
5.00 (5)
Faceted Saint Andrew's Cross [CM2159]
4.73 (11)
Saint Andrew's Crucifix [CM2158]
4.82 (11)
Men's Latin Crucifix Necklace [HMM3331]
5.00 (2)
Maltese Crucifix Pendant [BC0046]
4.00 (1)
Antique Filigree Scroll Men's Crucifix Necklace [HMM3289]
5.00 (1)
Caravaca Crucifix Pendant [BM0079]
5.00 (2)
IHS Men's Crucifix Pendant [BM0256]
5.00 (1)
Caravaca Crucifix Medal [BM0080]
5.00 (1)
Men's Gothic Tip Crucifix Necklace [HMM3277]
Gothic IHS Men's Crucifix Necklace [HMM3283]
5.00 (2)
Men's Notch Ring Crucifix Necklace [HMM3297]

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