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Saint Giles Necklace

Saint Giles


Saint Giles Medals

Saint Giles is a famous miracle worker that was born in Greece and moved to live as a hermit in France to escape his notoriety.

Living in a cave, Giles deprived himself so severely that it is said the Lord sent Giles a fawn so to provide milk for nourishment. One day hunters chased the fawn into the cave and shot at her with an arrow. Missing the dear creature, Giles was instead shot in the leg.

Among the hunters was the king who insisted Giles' leg be treated. Such was the king's admiration for Giles that their relationship grew and the king created a monastery that grew in popularity due to Giles God-given gifts.

The visitors were so many that the monastery eventually spawned an entire town and a hospital known for its charity to beggars, the poor and disabled. Giles was loved and admired but he once again chose to live in obscurity as a hermit as he did not want the attention. He only wished to serve the Lord, to pray, and to give thanks.

His feast day is September 1st. He is the patron saint of the handicapped, and those suffering from mental illness.

St. Giles Medal [EN6477]
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