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Saint Ignatius Necklace

Saint Ignatius of Loyola


Saint Ignatius Medals

Looking for a Saint Ignatius medal necklace? Are you familiar with the religious order named the Jesuits? Maybe you attended a Jesuit university or are a member of the Society of Jesus? If so, you have Saint Ignatius to thank for he was the founding father of the order and was pivotal to its international appeal.

Ignatius did not start out life with a passion for Christ. Instead, his roots began in a noble Spanish family with links to the powerful court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. He became well educated and part of the Spanish army serving as a soldier. He was badly wounded during a battle and nearly crippled. His recovery spawned his new found love of Christ.

While recovering, he read a book on the life of saints and another on the life of Christ. Thier message was so profound that Ignatius was immediately called to a religious life. He spent a year in contemplation and once complete he then traveled to the Holy Land and to Rome converting many to Christianity.

Making his way to France, he received his degree in theology and there he met several other holy men. Together they formed the Society of Jesus, which became known as the Jesuits.

His life was filled with visions, insights, and prayer. His influence in evangelizing and spreading Christianity as well as education led to over 500 Jesuit universities and colleges throughout the world.

His feast day is July 31st. He is the patron saint of Spain, soldiers, the Jesuits.


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