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Saint Isaac Necklace

Saint Isaac Jogues


Saint Isaac Medals

When you wear a Saint Isaac medal necklace what does it represent? Saint Isaac was a Jesuit priest and called to evangelization he was sent to what is now Canada to convert the native Indians to Christianity.

The native Indian tribes were very hostile to the European priests and during his first visit Isaac was captured and tortured for thirteen months before being freed by Dutch settlers. He went back to France to recover only to return once more to help restore peace between the natives and the settlers.

The native Indians believed that the settlers brought with them bad spirits and illness. After a crop failure and accusations of witchcraft, the Indians captured Isaac, several other Jesuit priests, and laymen and martyred them.

His feast day is October 18th. He is the patron saint of the Americas and Canada.

St. Isaac Jogues Medal [EN6341]
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