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Saint Marina Necklace

Saint Marina


Saint Marina Medals

Saint Marina was born Mariam (Mary) in Lebanon in the fifth or perhaps the eighth century. According to her legend, her father Eugenius wanted to retire to a monastery after finding a husband for his daughter. Mariam protested that she wished to live a consecrated life too. She shaved her hair and disguised herself as a man in order to live in a monastic community, together with her father. She took the name Marinos.

After ten years her father died, and she continued to live as a monk. A soldier accused of defiling the daughter of an innkeeper blamed the deed on Marinos. Rather than reveal she was a woman she accepted punishment for the act and was expelled from the community. After a period the community accepted her back. She nevertheless had to perform menial tasks as penance.

When she died at age 40 the monks discovered to their astonishment that Marinos had in fact been Marina. They and all those involved in the sorry business asked pardon of God and Marina for the injustices they inflicted on her. She is commemorated by Catholic Maronite Rite Christians on June 18. Her incorrupt body is preserved in a church in Cairo.

St. Marina Medal [EN6507]
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