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Saint Matilda Necklace

Saint Matilda


Saint Matilda Medals

Matilda was born at the end of the ninth century in Saxony, Germany. She was educated at Herford abbey until she attracted the attention the attention of Duke Otto of Saxony, who betrothed her to his son Henry.

In 919 Henry became King of the Eastern Franks (which later became the Germans. Matilda thereupon became Queen. But when Henry died in 936 she became abbess of Quedlinburg, Abbey, a community of noblewomen devoted to piety and works of charity.

In 947 she reluctantly returned to court to support her son Otto, who had become King of all Germany. She died in 968 and was buried with her husband Henry at Quedlinburg. Her feast day is March 14.

St. Matilda Medal [EN6368]
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