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Saint Niño de Atocha Bracelet

Saint Nino De Atocha Bracelet

Santo Niño de Atocha is likely the most unique image of the Christ Child you have ever seen, and it is strikingly beautiful. What a conversation piece this medal would be!

With the unique image comes a unique history. The 13th century brought battles between the Moors and the Catholics in Spain. When the Catholics lost in the town of Atocha, many were imprisoned and, although cut off from food and water deliveries by adults, children were permitted to deliver necessities. One nameless boy dressed in the traditional dress of the 13th century delivered food and water daily, never running out of bread. The prisoners realized that this was no ordinary boy but was the Christ Child in disguise. To this day, many believe that the Nino de Atocha still brings food and drink to the poor in the mountains of Spain.

El Niño de Atocha's feast day is celebrated on December 25, and He is the patron of children, travelers, and those unjustly imprisoned.


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