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Saint Peter Necklace

Saint Peter the Apostle


Saint Peter Medals

We can all relate to St Peter. As the First Pope and the Rock on which Jesus built His Church, his humanity shines through the Gospels and gives us hope that even though we may have wavering faith and lack understanding of God’s ways, the Lord can still use us, with our foibles and weaknesses, to build the Kingdom!

Peter, Keeper of the Keys to the Kingdom, started as a humble fisherman called by Jesus to be His Apostle. The Bible recounts stories of Peter’s near-drowning due to lack of faith, cutting the soldier’s ear off in the Garden of Gethsemane, and denying Jesus three times. Yet the New Testament also chronicles his tireless evangelization to the pagan world, ending with his crucifixion upside down on Vatican Hill. Peter’s boldness and passion were the keys to his success as the first Pope of the Universal Church, and he is a living example that the Lord matches our talents with our particular vocations.

St. Peter's feast day is June 29, and he is the patron saint of fishermen and shipbuilders.


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