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Saint Philip Necklace

Saint Philip the Apostle


Saint Philip Medals

How can you bring others to Jesus? Do you have a friend you wish knew Jesus? Ask St. Philip for his intercession in that conversion with a Saint Philip medal necklace, as the Gospels record that he was the one who brought St. Nathanael (also known as Bartholomew) to the Lord.

St. Philip was beside Jesus for two of the most well-loved Gospel stories of Jesus: the wedding at Cana and the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Originally a disciple of John the Baptist, he answered the call of Jesus. The Gospels paint him as a serious, conscientious man who, like the other Apostles, were slow to truly recognize Jesus as the Messiah. St. Philip, of Greek ancestry, was especially instrumental in bringing Gentiles to the Church. As with St. Peter and the other Apostles, we see how Jesus works with their humanity to preach to the ends of the earth.

St. Philip's feast day is May 3, and he is the patron saint of hatters, Luxembourg, Uruguay, and pastry chefs.

Another popular Saint Philip of note is Saint Philip Neri whose feast day is May 26.


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