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Saint Rose Prayer Cards

We call on Saint Rose of Lima for her intercession with these quality holy prayer cards. St. Rose grew up at a time of widespread Christian growth in South America. As a little girl in Peru, she developed a profound desire to cut off anything that may prevent her from reaching heaven. A physically beautiful young lady, she disfigured her face and wore a crown of thorns as penance. Her parents were aghast at the lengths she went to in her faith and fought with her constantly to force her to marry. While she desperately wanted to join a convent, in obedience to her parents, she lived at home as a Third Order Dominican, working day and night to support her financially struggling parents with gardening and sewing. Later in her life, she designed one room on their property as a place to welcome the poor and sick of Lima. St. Rose was the first unofficial "social worker" of Peru.

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St. RaphaelSt. RaymondSt. RichardSt. Rita
St. RobertSt. RoccoSt. Rose

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