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Saint Xenia Cross Necklace

Saint Xenia


Saint Xenia

If you are familiar with the phrase "fool for Christ," you will certainly identify Saint Xenia as such. When you feel like you are a slave to material goods and to your earthly body, ask Saint Xenia to pray for you to attain complete detachment from all earthly things.

Xenia was a young wife of 26 years old when her husband left her a childless widow. In her overwhelming grief, she left her hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia for several years. After her absence, likely at a hermitage, she returned to the city dressed in her deceased husband's clothing and answering only to his name (Andrew). Many in the town thought her to be crazy, until her spiritual gifts became apparent. She eschewed her home, gave away all of her belongings, and became a pauper who slept in the fields at night near the church being built in town. She received the gift of prophesy and would frequently foretell of events before they occurred. The city residents began to associate Xenia with good fortune and blessings and welcomed her presence. She radiated joy and humility, silently accepting abuse and humiliation as Christ did. She died of natural causes around the age of 70, and her grave site became a popular pilgrimage destination.

St. Xenia is the patroness of St. Petersburg, Russia, and her feast day is January 24.


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