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Saint Zachary Necklace

Saint Zachary


Saint Zachary

Do you know someone who has a heart for peacemaking and restoring harmony in the face of division? Bless and encourage that person with a medal necklace of Saint Zachary, a pope and saint remembered even today, in our war-torn and conflict-ridden world, for his efforts at bringing reconciliation.

The son of a Greek deacon, Zachary himself was also a deacon in the Catholic Church during the 700s. When Pope Gregory III died, Zachary was unanimously elected to serve as the next pope. Zachary was well-known for several callings he pursued: peacemaking among the warring Italian peoples, restoring the veneration of icons previously outlawed by Emperor Constantine, and his devotion to serving the poor and to rescuing people from slavery. Zachary went as far as to purchase slaves who were for sale in a Roman market for the purposes of setting them free.

Pope St. Zachary's feast day is May 26, and he is the patron saint of peace.

St. Zachary Medal [REE0151]
St. Zachary Medal [EN6228]
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