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Saint Raphael Necklace

Saint Raphael Necklace


Saint Raphael Medals

St. Raphael's prayers for you are delivered directly to Jesus, as he is one of the seven archangels present at the Heavenly Throne, according to Holy Scripture. His special gift is one of healing and release from possession, and a saint medal of St. Raphael serves as a reminder of the healing power of the Lord in times of physical infirmity.

St. Raphael, one of the three named archangels in the Bible, appears in human disguise in the book of Tobit, wherein he delivers Tobit's daughter-in-law from demon possession. His divine gift of healing is also clear in John's Gospel, where his presence at the pool at Bethesda provides healing to the infirm.

St. Raphael's feast day is September 29, shared with Sts. Gabriel and Michael. He is the patron of travelers, the blind, and against physical illnesses.

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