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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Medal

Our Lady of Perpetual Help


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Necklace

Our Blessed Mother cares for all her children and endeavors to help us through our difficulties. The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a reminder that Mary, should we cry out to her in times of distress, will intercede on our behalf.

This was the case when the painting was being transported on a ship from Crete to Rome in the fifteenth century. A terrible storm arose in the sea, and the sailors fell to their knees begging The Blessed Mother for help. All emerged unharmed from the danger. The icon has been housed in different churches, based on the requests of the Blessed Mother, over the centuries, but has been publicly venerated for all but 64 years since the fifteenth century and is an image many faithful venerate when they are in special need.

Many miraculous cures are associated with the Byzantine icon. The image itself depicts our Lady holding the Child Jesus, who has lost one of His sandals running to the lap of His Mother. He anxiously regards Archangels Gabriel and Michael, who hold the objects used in His Passion. Mary's small mouth symbolizes her silence and her contemplative nature, while her large eyes symbolize how she watches over her children.

Renew the traditional, much-loved veneration of this image of Our Mother with a medal of this centuries-old apparition and run to our Mother just as the Child Jesus did. The feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is June 27.

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