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Our Lady of Czestochowa Necklaces

Our Lady of Czestochowa


Our Lady of Czestochowa Necklace

Celebrate your devotion to the Black Madonna with a beautiful Catholic Our Lady of Czestochowa necklace. Each piece features the revered icon, whispering prayers and connecting you to a powerful symbol of Polish faith and national identity. More than an adornment, it represents the Virgin Mary's enduring protection and offers a silent prayer with every glance.  Choose your design and material to find the perfect representation of your devotion. Share the blessings of faith with a loved one – an Our Lady of Czestochowa necklace makes a meaningful gift for anyone with Polish heritage or a deep devotion to Mary.

Embrace faith and heritage in a single piece. Shop our collection today!

One of the most revered icons of the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Czestochowa's exact origins are not known, but many historians believe it was created in the sixth or seventh century and brought to the monastery of Jasna Gora in Poland in 1362 by a group of Pauline monks. In 1652, the King of the Polish empire crowned Our Lady of Czestochowa as Queen and Protector of Poland, after her icon helped the Polish get the upper hand in an ongoing war instigated by the Swedes.

Her image has had several facelifts over the years, including replacement of her crown and jewels by various popes and dignitaries. In the image, Our Lady points away from herself to our Lord, as our salvation. The scars on here face, damage resulting from wartime attacks, have been repeatedly repaired, but they always re-emerge. That is just one of the many miraculous events attributed to the beloved icon. If you have a special devotion to our Lady of Czestochowa but cannot journey to Poland, the National Shrine of our Lady of Czestochowa, is much closer: just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Any Eastern or Polish Catholic in your life would greatly treasure a medal bearing this much revered image of our Lady!

The feast day of Our Lady of Czestochowa is August 26.




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