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Saint Hubert Necklace

Saint Hubert Necklace


Saint Hubert Medals

Saint Hubert lived a life of privilege. He was from a noble family. He was wealthy, popular, married and had children. He wasn't what we'd consider saint material but things abruptly change for Hubert one day while hunting in the woods.

Saint Hubert was an avid hunter. During one of his outings, he experienced a vision that changed his life. On Good Friday morning, in the woods there stood a dear with a crucifix between its antlers. The Lord gave Hubert a stern warning, turn your life around, be a man of God, or you will go to hell.

With that warning, Hubert did change. He spent his life converting many pagans to Christianity.

His feast day is November 30th. He is the patron saint of hunters, against bad behavior in dogs, and against rabies.

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