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Saint Henry Necklace

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Saint Henry Medals

Wearing a Saint Henry medal necklace will summon his intercession against infertility.

You would think that being titled the King of Germany and King of Italy you'd have it all, but the fact is that Henry wanted to be a priest but his heritage and even his destiny made that nearly impossible.

Henry was an excellent leader and ruler and was much beloved. Among his many accomplishments, he kept peace in Europe, supported evangelization missions in Slavic lands, founded many schools, made reforms to the Church. He also began construction of the cathedral in Basel, Switzerland (completion took nearly 400 years!).

In his later years he was widowed, became very sickly and once again considered becoming a monk. He was refused as the religious leaders thought he'd do more for the world as king, than as a monk.

His feast day is July 13th. He is the patron saint against infertility, disabled people, and kings.

St. Henry Medal [REE0086]
St. Henry Medal [REE0086]
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Men's St. Henry Oval Medal [HMM3108]
St. Henry II Medal [EN6106]
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