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Confirmation Gifts for Boys & Girls

Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Gifts for girls, boys and the confirmation sponsor.

Choosing the perfect Confirmation Gift

With the focus of Confirmation being on the Holy Spirit, any gift that has a dove will be a great option. The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Most Confirmandi will pick a patron saint name as their Confirmation name making patron saint rosaries or pendants an ideal way to celebrate and remember the celebration. A photo frame to keep the memory of this special sacrament is also appropriate.

Patron Saint Rosaries

Patron Saint Sport Necklaces

Confirmation Sponsor Gifts

Personalized Catholic Bibles

Patron Saint Crosses

Confirmation Greeting Cards

Dove Themed Jewlery

Confirmation Wall Crosses

Confirmation Keepsake Boxes

Confirmation Lapel Pins

Confirmation Photo Frames

Confirmation Patron Saint Statues

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