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St. Michael Rosary and Keepsake Box Set

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About this St. Michael Rosary and Keepsake Box Set

We've combined our most popular St. Michael rosary with a beautiful St. Michael keepsake box and the pair were simply made for each other! This is a forever keepsake and the quality is of a very high standard. An ideal gift for anyone but specifically those in the police service or military service.

Rosary box is large enough to hold a rosary and other small mementos.  Light weight too as it is made of resin.

  • Hand painted box.
  • Made of resin. Imported.
  • The box measures 3.75"W x 4.5"L x 2"H.
  • Comes packaged in a attractive blue gift box.

A handsome selection of men's rosaries. The findings, centerpiece and crucifix are all silver plated.

Available Beads Types:

  • 6mm Round Hematite Bead
  • 8mm Round Hematite Bead
  • 7mm Round Tigers Eye Brown Bead
  • 8x5mm Rectangular Black Onyx Bead
  • 8x6mm Smooth Oval Black Onyx Bead
  • 7mm Round Black Onyx Bead
  • 7mm Fire Polished Faceted Garnet Glass Bead


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