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Saint Benedict Pewter Statue 4 Inch







About this Saint Benedict Pewter Statue 4 Inch

This pewter statue is a powerful representation of Saint Benedict as he stands tall and unintimidated by any evil. He holds an intricate scepter with a cross top in one hand and the Benedictine Order in the other. At his feet are the front and back of the St. Benedict medallion. To his side is the blackbird that is symbolic of St. Benedict's victory over temptation of the flesh and of Satan.

Base Reads: St. Benedict

Patron Saint: Against: Temptations, the devil, poisoning, witchcraft, fevers, gallstones, inflammatory disease, kidney disease, skin rashes. For: Engineers, students and schoolchildren, the dying, farmers, architects, monks and the clergy.

  • Fine Pewter Statue stands 4 ½” tall.
  • Each Statue is commissioned to be of the highest Detail and Quality.
  • Includes a Majestic wooden gold painted base with the saint's name.
  • Proudly made in the USA by skilled New England Craftsmen.
  • Packaged in a Deluxe Gift Box and stored in a Burgundy Velvet Pull String Pouch.
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