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Vintage Inspired Ruby Glass Bead Rosary with Antique Brass Crucifix and Center

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About this Vintage Inspired Ruby Glass Bead Rosary with Antique Brass Crucifix and Center

Experience the serenity and timelessness of faith with every prayer, walking with Mary and Our Lord meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary with our Vintage Inspired Ruby Glass Bead Rosary with Antique Brass Crucifix and Centerpiece. This exquisite rosary brings together the beauty of tradition and the power of faith in one timeless piece.

Key Features:

1. 8mm Ruby Red Faceted Glass Beads with Antique Brass Tulip Caps: Featuring 8mm deep red ruby glass faceted beads capped with antique brass tulip caps.

2. Antique Brass Crucifix and Centerpiece: Crafted from antique brass, the exclusive designed crucifix and exclusive designed Miraculous medal centerpiece boasts intricate designs that exude an air of timeless charm. The aged brass finish adds character and reverence to this rosary, reminiscent of treasured heirlooms.

3. 10mm Our Father Ruby Red Faceted Cube Glass Antique Brass Capped Beads: The larger beads provide a tactile and visual contrast to the smaller faceted beads. The larger bead feels comfortable in your hands while you pray.

4. Vintage-Inspired Design: This rosary is a masterpiece inspired by a bygone era, offering a blend of classic aesthetics and spiritual significance. Its design is an homage to the enduring beauty of tradition.

5. Perfect Gift: Whether for personal devotion or as a heartfelt gift, this rosary is ideal for commemorating special moments such as weddings, confirmations, and baptisms. It's a cherished symbol of faith and heritage. Imagine gifting this rosary from generation to generation!


Length: 26 inches

Bead Size: 8mm (Red Ruby Glass Beads), 10mm (Red Ruby Glass Our Father Beads)

Material: Red Ruby Glass Beads, Antique Brass Crucifix, and Centerpiece, brass wire and chain


Made in the USA. Comes in a deluxe velvet box for easy gifting.


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