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Divine Mercy Auto Backpack Olive Wood Rosary

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About this Divine Mercy Auto Backpack Olive Wood Rosary

This Divine Mercy One Decade Rosary is a beautifully crafted with olive wood beads on a sturdy brown cord with antiqued bronzed finish Divine Mercy Medal and Crucifix. This on-the-go auto travel backpack rosary serves as a powerful tool for prayer and spiritual reflection.
This rosary is designed for ease of use and portability, making it a convenient companion for your daily rosary or when you're on the go. Clip the rosary onto your keys, your backpack, your purse, your travel bag to always to keep it with you.
What a great gift for teens or anyone who needs an attractive and functional one-decade rosary.
Whether you are a devout Catholic or looking for a special gift, this rosary is a beautiful and practical choice.
Key Features:
Olive Wood Beads: The rosary features ten 10mm olive wood beads. Olive wood is highly symbolic and represents peace, hope, and spirituality. Each bead is polished and smooth for easy use and soft feel when praying the rosary.
Brown Cord: The beads are strung on a durable brown cord, providing a strong and attractive foundation for your rosary. This cord is not only functional but also adds a touch of earthy elegance to the design.
Backpack Clip: The Divine Mercy One Decade Rosary is designed with a convenient backpack clip, allowing you to attach it to your backpack, purse, or keychain. This feature ensures that you always have your rosary with you, ready for prayer and meditation wherever you go.
Antique Bronze Finish Divine Mercy Medal: The centerpiece of this rosary features an antique bronze finish Divine Mercy Medal. The Divine Mercy image, a powerful Catholic symbol, is known for its depiction of Jesus extending His love and mercy to all.
Antique Bronze Finish Crucifix: The rosary is completed with an antique bronze finish crucifix. The crucifix serves as a reminder of the sacrifice and redemption brought about by Jesus Christ, making it a central element of Catholic faith.
Compact Size: Measuring just 9 inches, this one-decade rosary is compact and easy to carry, making it suitable for everyday use and travel.
Includes a small prayer card with an image of Divine Mercy in English, Spanish and Italian.
The prayer reads:
"O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountian of Mercy for us, I trust in you!"
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