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With Deluxe Box Glass Hearts Wedding Lasso Rosary

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About this With Deluxe Box Glass Hearts Wedding Lasso Rosary

This beautiful Wedding Lasso Rosary is a lovely strand of heart shaped frosted beads attached by a beautiful silver tone centerpiece and finished with a unique glass bead crucifix accented with a silver tone corpus.  PLEASE NOTE: The lasso can be purchased with the Deluxe Velour Keepsake box or without.

  • Lasso rosary features frosted heart shaped glass beads that measure 11mm.
  • The centerpiece is of the Madonna and is silvertone.
  • Lasso Crucifix is silver tone and measures 3 3/4" H x 3" W.
  • The total length of the lasso rosary is 42" L.
  • The circumference of each individual lasso is 48" round.
  • This beautiful lasso rosary is presented in an exquisite white hinged keepsake box made of faux suede with a white satin lining.
  • If purchased without the deluxe box, the lasso comes in a simple clear lid box for shipping.

El Lasso or long rosary is used to wrap around the couple to bind them as husband and wife. The lasso is twisted in a figure eight, the mathematical symbol of infinity, to symbolize forever and eternity.



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Read Thirty Glass Hearts Wedding Lasso Rosary Reviews

4.73Rated 4.73 from 30 reviews
5 06/05/2018Carol from Bergenfield, NJ - Verified Customer

Perfect !

5 11/01/2016Alma from Bentonville, AR - Verified Customer
4 04/21/2016Rosario from Newton, WI - Verified Customer
5 05/08/2015Wanda from Chelsea, MA - Verified Customer
5 04/18/2014Lorena from Hot Springs, AR - Verified Customer
5 08/07/2013Epifanio from Wauconda, IL - Verified Customer

Thank you it was exactly what we were looking for

5 03/30/2013Acereth from Crossroads, TX - Verified Customer
5 03/09/2013Luz from Miami, FL - Verified Customer

The rosary was exactly what I expected. It is beautiful and comes in a very delicate box for safe keeping.

4 01/25/2013Jerry from Granite Bay, CA - Verified Customer

It's very good - bought as a gift for someone else's wedding. Great price.

5 12/29/2012Victoria from Glendale, AZ - Verified Customer
5 12/20/2012Annalisa from Fort Worth, TX - Verified Customer
5 07/25/2012Marisol from San Diego, CA - Verified Customer
5 07/11/2012Jill from Cedar Park, TX - Verified Customer

I was very satisfied with your product. It is beautiful. I received it within a week. Great service, reasonable prices.

5 07/06/2012Julian from Torrance , CA - Verified Customer

This Lasso was so pretty. We were looking around for a while and all we came across ranged over $100. This one was for way half the price (of course not real crystal) but, for the price it totally pleased me. In the picture the frosted hearts (at least to me) looked like glass, however, please be advised that they are plastic. In the light the lasso shines and glimmers so pretty. Plus, it's not heavy at all; I was concerned that the lasso we would get would be too heavy and not comfortable. With this one, that's not going to be a prob. I love it! Yes, I recommend this ... for sure! As for the box, it could be prettier, think I'll buy something else.

4 06/08/2012Carolina from Los Angeles, CA - Verified Customer
5 05/27/2012Nerissa from Las Vegas, NV - Verified Customer

Thank you for the expedient delivery, excellent quality, and reasonable cost. It's nerve-wracking to shop online and I am extremely happy with this transaction. Thank you very much! Now I know where to get all my Catholic merchandise from.

5 05/11/2012Ana from Chicago, IL - Verified Customer

Great and fast shipping!

4 04/05/2012Maribel from Wapello, IA - Verified Customer
4 02/14/2012Carolina from Riverhead, NY - Verified Customer
5 10/15/2011Marie from Wakefield, MA - Verified Customer

Thank you so much for all your help! The order was perfect! Betty

5 08/09/2011Franchine from Greenville, NC - Verified Customer

The Lasso is beautiful and arrived so much faster than we thought. Thank you.

5 08/06/2011Miriam from Long Beach, CA - Verified Customer

I was in shock on how quickly I received it and I love my Lasso it is beautiful.

5 04/27/2011Hector from Bell Gardens, CA - Verified Customer
5 04/10/2011Patricia from Round Rock, TX - Verified Customer

beautiful wedding lasso. Received on time. Thanks.

5 02/01/2011Jasmine from Newburgh, NY - Verified Customer
4 10/21/2010Jennifer from Tucumcari, NM - Verified Customer
4 05/22/2010Angelica from Glenview, IL - Verified Customer


4 05/19/2010Ilia Vanessa from San Jose, CA - Verified Customer
5 04/01/2010Carmen from Rosenburg, TX - Verified Customer


5 10/09/2009Stephanie from Albuquerque, NM - Verified Customer

This Lasso is beautiful! I love it, Totally suggest it!


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