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St. Elizabeth of Hungary Statue 4"

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About this St. Elizabeth of Hungary Statue 4"

This St. Elizabeth statue is a lovely confirmation gift. Many miracles were attributed to St. Elizabeth after her death and her feast day is November 17th. She is the patron saint of charities of bakers, beggars, brides, charities and death of children.

  • St. Elizabeth is the patron saint of charities of bakers, beggars, brides, charities and death of children.
  • This is statue is sold along with a St. Elizabeth prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Elizabeth the front and the story of St. Elizabeth on the back.

St. Elizabeth Prayer

Prayer to St. Elizabeth
Patron Saint of Widows, Nurses and Caregivers

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Dear Saint Elizabeth, you
were always poor in
spirit, most generous
toward the poor, faithful
to your husband, and
fully consecrated to your
Divine Bridegroom.
Grant your help to
widows and widowers,
and keep them faithful to
their heavenly Lord.  Teach
them how to cope with
their loss and to make
use of their time in the
service of God.

Exclusively by Roman.


St. Elizabeth
Patron Saint of Widow, Nurses and Caregivers
(1207 - 1231)

St. Elizabeth of Hungary was the daughter of King Andrew II.  She had a beautiful but very short life.  At a very young age, she married a nobleman named Louis who became a king.  St. Elizabeth was very kind to her husband and children, but became a saint due to her care of the poor and of the sick.  She would often care for those in need at the palace and at the hospitals.  St. Elizabeth's husband became angry when he learned of her efforts to help so many.  He believed that a queen should not be working so hard for the poor and sick people of the land.  St. Elizabeth often hid the food she took to the poor.  During a visit to the poor, with food hidden under her cloak, her husband met her and pulled open her cloak to see if she was taking food to the poor.  When he opened her cloak, no doof fell out, but beautiful red and white roses.  These flowers became bread and meat for the poor.  Because of this sign, her husband requested her forgiveness as he know then she was a saint.

St. Elizabeth's husband, Louis, died at a young age and Elisabeth was exiled by political enemies for her husband.  As a widow, she continued to care for the poor, built hospitals to care for the ill and dressed in a habit of the Franciscan Teritary.  St. Elizabeth gave all she had to those in need in the name of Christ.  She died at the young age of 24 on November 17, 1231.

Feast Day: November 17

Exclusively by Roman

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5 12/27/2020 - Verified Customer

I loved that it was more than a statue. I also had an explanation of her life and a novena. It was a lovely gift.

5 01/17/2017 - Verified Customer

very nice --great price


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