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Ave Maria Cloth Rosary Case

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3" x 4"


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About this Ave Maria Cloth Rosary Case

This lovely rosary case is just what you need to protect your special rosary! It's lightly padded on the inside and will fit any standard rosary.

  • The rosary case is made of soft blue fabric material.
  • The measurements are 4" W x 3" H.
  • It features a zipper closure.
  • The words "Ave Maria" are embroidered on the front.
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How to Pray The Rosary

If you are new to Catholicism or wish to read a refresher then take a look at our article "How to Pray the Rosary" where we go into depth on all the steps.

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4.83Rated 4.83 from 6 reviews
5 07/17/2014Terry from Eugene, OR - Verified Customer
5 08/03/2012Kristie from Omemm, Canada - Verified Customer
5 02/25/2012Dianne from Milford, CT - Verified Customer
4 05/12/2011Joann from North Bend, OH - Verified Customer
5 03/04/2009Geraldine from Sammamish, WA - Verified Customer
5 10/28/2007Thomas X. from Washington, UT - Verified Customer

My wife had a beautiful rosary case. One Sunday at Mass she forgot it when she went up for Communion. Came back and the case was gone. It had a dollar in it, but, she always carries the rosary with her to Communion. She loves the case from Catholic Faith Store, and will give the other two to friends.


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