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Prayer To St. Maria Goretti Laminated Prayer Cards 25 Pack




4 1/2" x 2 1/2"



About this Prayer To St. Maria Goretti Laminated Prayer Cards 25 Pack

On this prayer card is a prayer to St. Maria Goretti asking for her help in living with an innocent heart and body.

  • Prayer cards sold in packs of 25 per order.
  • Cards are laminated for durability.
  • Designed with a gold accent border.
  • Made and designed in Italy from Fratelli Bonella Artwork.
  • Measures 2.5"' X 4.5"

Prayer to Saint Maria Goretti

Heroic and angelic Saint Maria
Goretti, * we kneel before you * to
honor your persevering fortitude *
and to beg your gracious aid. *
Teach us a deep love for the
precepts of our Holy Church; *
help us to see in them * the very
voice of our Father in heaven. *
May we preserve without stain *
our white baptismal robe of
innocence. *
May we who have lost this
innocence * kneel humbly in Holy
Penance; * and with the absolution
of the priest * may the torrent of
Christ's precious Blood * flow into
our souls * and give us new
courage * to carry the burning
light of God's love * through the
dangerous highways of this life *
until Christ our King * shall call
us to the courts of heaven *.

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