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Saint Maria Prayer Cards

We call on the intercession from the Saints Maria with these quality prayer cards.

Saint Maria Faustina was born Helena Kowalska. From an early age, she desired to become a nun. She asked to be admitted to various convents in Warsaw, but none would accept her on account of her being a poor maid. Finally, she was received by the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and took the habit in 1926. Around this time she began to receive visions.

Maria Goretti, born in 1890, was the daughter of Italian peasants. Her father died when she was five and she and her mother moved in with another family. Alessandro, the son of this family, would harass Maria sexually. When she was 12 Alessandro, aged 20, attacked her with the intent of raping her. She resisted and was repeatedly stabbed. She was rushed to hospital but died after praying for Alessandro’s repentance.

Patron Saint Index for Prayer Cards
Patron Saint Prayer Card M's
St. MargaretSt. MariaSt. MarkSt. Martha
St. MartinSt. MarySt. MatthewSt. Matthias
St. MaximilianSt. MichaelSt. Monica

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