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Saint Monica Prayer Cards

With these quality prayer cards we ask for the intercession of Saint Monica. Monica was the mother of the great Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo and Doctor of the Church. She lived in the 4th century in North Africa. She was a devout Christian, married to Patricius, a pagan. Patricius was a violent and dissolute man. He detested his wife’s pious habits but loved her. Patricius would not allow any of the children to be baptized. Augustine followed the ways of his father but appeared to be more thoughtful. He grew dissatisfied with the materialistic philosophy of paganism and went to Milan in search of truth. Monica never ceased to pray and do penance for her son. When she followed him to Milan to rejoiced to discover that he had met Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan and that he had accepted the call of Christ.

Patron Saint Index for Prayer Cards
Patron Saint Prayer Card M's
St. MargaretSt. MariaSt. MarkSt. Martha
St. MartinSt. MarySt. MatthewSt. Matthias
St. MaximilianSt. MichaelSt. Monica

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