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Black Sheepskin Rosary Case

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3 1/2"



About this Black Sheepskin Rosary Case

This beautiful rosary case is just what you need to protect your special rosary! It's made of soft genuine sheepskin material with a rich burgundy velvet lining on the inside. The gold stamped designs feature a Chi-Rho cross on one side and the symbol for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the other side. Made to fit any standard rosary.

  • The rosary case is made of black sheepskin leather with a velvet lining.
  • The measurements are 3 1/2" W x 2 1/2" H.
  • It features a zipper closure.
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5.00Rated 5.00 from 18 reviews
5 01/22/2023 - Verified Customer

High quality and perfect size!

5 04/20/2022 - Verified Customer
5 09/03/2021 - Verified Customer

This is the finest rosary case I have ever seen or owned, a beautiful product. It also arrived very quickly. This is a fine company with which to do business.

5 07/23/2021 - Verified Customer
5 09/09/2020 - Verified Customer

Had been looking for a well-made, secure rosary case and this is it. Very pleased with my purchase.

5 08/09/2020 - Verified Customer
5 05/01/2019 - Verified Customer

The material is very soft, and holds the rosary just right.

5 04/12/2019 - Verified Customer
5 12/02/2017 - Verified Customer
5 06/10/2017 - Verified Customer

They were gifts for some male friends.

5 12/01/2015 - Verified Customer

Perfect case for my favorite rosary. Very happy!

5 11/12/2015 - Verified Customer
5 11/02/2015 - Verified Customer

The Rosary cases (I purchased 3) were shipped very quickly. The packing was done well. They arrived in excellent condition. The sheepskin cover is pleasant to hold and the case is very well built. I actually use one of them as a change purse. I proudly show people I'm a Christian every time I open mine to pay for every day items.

5 12/07/2014 - Verified Customer
5 10/08/2014 - Verified Customer
5 10/04/2014 - Verified Customer
5 06/06/2014 - Verified Customer
5 03/27/2014 - Verified Customer

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