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Saint Arnold Janssen Necklaces

Saint Arnold Janssen


Saint Arnold Medals

Find inspiration in a life dedicated to spreading the Gospel with a beautiful Catholic Saint Arnold Janssen necklace. Each piece whispers prayers and honors this pioneering missionary leader. More than an adornment, it's a symbol of faith that reminds you of the importance of sharing God's love with the world.

Saint Arnold Janssen, founder of the Society of the Divine Word (Verbum Dei) and the Missionary Sisters of the Servant of the Holy Spirit, dedicated his life to fostering missionary vocations and spreading the Catholic faith across continents.  Choose your design and wear a powerful reminder close to your heart. Share the blessings of faith with a loved one – a Saint Arnold Janssen necklace makes a meaningful gift for anyone with a missionary spirit, those seeking inspiration to answer their calling, or a powerful symbol of spreading God's message to all corners of the world.

Embrace faith, ignite your zeal, and answer the call to serve. Shop our collection today!

When you face leadership with hesitation, ask St. Arnold for help or wear a pendant or medal reminding you of your strengths and his!

St. Arnold was a humble man who tried to avoid positions of leadership but leadership was thrust upon him anyway.

As a bishop and founder of an abbey, he encouraged the monks to brew beer for distribution to the peasants. Although the science wasn’t understood at the time, the boiling of the water for the beer, killed the bacteria which the peasants otherwise would be afflicted by.

Arnold is the patron saint of beer brewers.



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