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Saint Stanislaus Necklace

Saint Stanislaus


Saint Stanislaus Medals

Political corruption seems to be as old as the hills. Every era needs saintly people to speak out against it and to encourage humility, sacrifice, and morality among civil leaders. Wearing a Saint Stanislaus medal necklace reminds us to be brave in the face of political persecution.

Poland has a tradition of producing saints who resist immoral governments and societal evil. St. Stanislaus was one such saint from the 11th century. He openly spoke out against the Polish king's unjust wars and depraved personal choices. While the king made a false show of penance in the hopes of pacifying Stanislaus, then Bishop of Krakow, he reverted to his unseemly ways. Stanislaus excommunicated King Boleslaus II. The king, enraged at the Bishop, murdered Stanislaus with his bare hands during Holy Mass when he could not convince his own soldiers to kill the saint.

St. Stanislaus's feast day is April 11, and he is the patron saint of Poland.

St. Stanislaus Medal [EN6260]
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