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Saint Vincent Ferrer Necklace

Saint Vincent Ferrer


Saint Vincent Ferrer

When you wear your Saint Vincent Ferrer medal necklace do you know his significance? Saint Vincent Ferrer may have lived in the 15th century, but we can turn to him when we feel disillusioned by news events in the Church. St, Vincent Ferrer, pray for us and for unity in our Church!

Against his parents' wishes, Vincent Ferrer joined the Dominicans at age 19. Blessed with a vibrant and energetic temperament, he quickly ascended to Prior of the monastery. At that time, there was a schism in the Western Church, with one pope (Clement VII) living in Avignon, France, and another (Urban VI) in Rome. Vincent found himself at a crossroads: he believed Clement was the legitimate pope, but when Clement died, a dear Cardinal friend was elected the Avignon pope and refused to abdicate his position to reunite the Church and end the schism.

Vincent, physically sickened by the stress of the break in the Church and in his friendship with his former Cardinal friend, decided to instead focus on spreading the Gospel as far as he could around Europe with his fierce homilies.

St. Vincent Ferrer's feast day is April 5, and he is the patron saint of the Archdiocese of Valencia, builders, prisoners, construction workers, plumbers, fishermen, and Spanish orphanages.

St. Vincent Ferrer Medal [EN6330]
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